Cornelio's Character

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Cornelio's Character

Post by Cornelio Uchiha on Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:52 pm

Character Name:Uchiha
Character Bloodline:Uchiha Clan-Sharingan
Character Beginning Element:Ightning
Character Village Affilation:Konoha
Character Age:14

[b]Character Apperance:Avatar
[b]Character Personality:My characters Personality Is sometimes being serious and
doing all stuff by himself.Sometimes eh can be mysterious by his past.
Other times he would change to fun and fynny messing with people.
Almost always he acts to his surroundings and whats happening.

Character Background/History:My character was born and raised in a poor and little
town.At a young age he experienced war all the time.His town
was runned by an evil goverment who only cared for themselves.
He lost his whole family to he war and had to grow up all alone
with nobody.
MY characeter decided to leave his town and go on a journy to a
a new place,but he was ambush on forest.Waking up he felt different
a little tired,but stronger.There a doctor told him he was part of a project and he had obtained the "Jagan" an evil eye on his forehead.he was still weak and
fanted.Getting concious he saw he was in the forest of the leaf,so he made
up his mind and started a new life there

Roleplay Sample:I'm going for Jounin and If there's Sannin I want that
More third Person
Impatiently Corn watches through his opponent's eyes the move he was waiting to show
The only thing he could do was prepare for the attack with percusion.As the enemy launches
attacks,Corn dodges them with easy then what he really thought.
"If you were going to be this easy i would of finish you a long time ago."Corn said while doing
handsigns for his favorite jutsu,gathering chakra on his right hand and forming a dark dragon
with dark flames that could easily burn anyone.

"Too bad for you I'm a water type."He had his own favorite and launched water vortex it straight at me,
since this was a mission Corn had to make less disaster as possible,so each attack colided against each other
leaving nothing but mess in their win this round ill need to use some of my other power,Corn thought to himself and starts looking stranger with eyes appearing almost taking his whole bodyHis powers seemed to have exploded.The enemy's hard breathing went through Corn's ear over and over again.He gather all his chakra in the attack to push
back the enemy."Since i can see you going to win ill surrender and let you take me to the village..."the enemy decided to spit out and corn disappeard his dragon.
,but the enemy didnt keep his part of the deal and corn was sent flying by a surprised vortex to a tree getting slam so hard all he could see and hear was the enemy running away laughing.Then he
lost concious on the middle of nowhere.

Corn was hummiliated by his action that he needed to be in a hospital,so he came to his mind to go back and finally take out his enemy,but this time he would put everything on the line even if someone gets in the way.Finally the day came that he could get out of his hospital bed,but before that some old teammates came to see how he's doing and one shout out,"Hey you should of atleast satyed for atleast another week.Since you couldn't beat the criminal I guess I can go look for him."Corn didn't put attention to his rude comments,so he just answered,"Whoever gets him first."

I was to im patient to get him that I couldn't see his trick,but now i don't even know where he could beThen the Hokage's assisntant came tripping with an ermegency to Corn."there you are the Hokage wants to see you right away and he won't take no for an answer."Before he went there.He went to the graveyard to put some flowers on his old sensei.He felt like a dad corn never experience,but Corn didn't like to think of that.Few minutes he was getting orders of where the criminal might be.

And so Corn raced to the grass village to confront the enemy again,but this time he was followed by a anbu black cop.What was going on went through his thoughts.Maybe more bounty hunterswill want to get hteir hand on him he has a huge price on the bingo book.As he heard the wind blewing he saw kunais flying out of nowhere.They both took out their swords and started blocking with them.

"I saw on over there near the huge tree."Corn saig out loud,but the anbu already took him out without Corn noticing."they might be look outs for the criminal,stay alarmed."The Anbu when a couple of feet in front taking the lead.They could smell the ashes and meat some more criminal
where cooking.We decided not to fight them just go around them.To our surprised we saw an abandoned house.We thought he might be in there so Corn went to the front door and the took
the roof.

Corn opened the door nervously,but he was amased and so was the Anbu.the criminal was lying on the floor with blood spots on his right side of the body.The Anbu said it was a couple of sword slashes,but he was dead couple of days ago.
Cornelio Uchiha
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Re: Cornelio's Character

Post by Ashley Haruno on Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:58 pm

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