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Ninja Tools Shop

Post by Ashley Haruno on Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:10 pm

    A rather quaint and large shop headed by a strong man who has the element of earth and was a former Sannin before he retired to run this shop. He still has nice abilities and nobody has been able to rob the store ever, and nobody ever will be. Their a price listing on the table.

    Kunai: 100 ryo
    Shuriken: 50 ryo
    Senbon: 50 ryo
    Ninja Wire: 150 ryo a foot
    Exploding Tag: 200 ryo
    Smoke Bombs: 200 ryo
    Demon-Wind Shuriken: 250 ryo
    Starter Ninja Pack: 10 kunai, 15 shuriken, 15 senbon, 2 demon-wind shurikens, and an elemental understanding scorll, all for 8k.
    Empty Scroll: 250 ryo
    Elemental Understanding Scroll: 1k ryo
    Simple Kantana, Small: 1k
    Simple Kantana, Large: 1.5k
    Scythe: 2.5k
    Zabuza's Sword: 3.5k
    Custom Sword: 15k. No matter how strong or how weak.
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