Kitty Hikari's Character

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Kitty Hikari's Character

Post by Kitty on Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:32 pm

● Shinobi Realm Ninja Registration ●

    Character Name: Hikari, Kitty
    Character Bloodline: The control of luminesance or light. To modify chakra into a weapon of light such as a sword as long as the user is in contact with the sun or another light source such as a full moons light ray upon the water. How ever if the user is not incontact with the sun the light control turns into a poison on the user slowly eating away at the core of the users chakra only if used in darkness. Clan Name Hikari. Origin Light. Bloodline Luminesance Taiyou Katana
    Character Beginning Element: Lightning
    Character Village Affilation: which ever one will take her
    Character Age: 15
    Character Rank: what ever rank you want her to be

    Character Apperance:avatar and
    Character Personality:shes hyper and serious when on missions nothing more nothing less
    Character Background/History:she is a child born in the forest she normaly can’t speak because a human family had not taught her the language how ever she speaks with her actions very well she wheres a neko mimi (ears) and a neko tail to pretend like a cat. She is an expert in animal transformation jutsus and is a pro on decieving ones mind through act of light. She caries tribal marks on her body perhaps a sign of the clan she once belonged to but each time she uses her light abilities her marks glow and her her chakra forms like white wings. She does know how to speak english now that she has come across many earth dwellers as she calls them she speaks english but still uses her actions to speak. She is found around her village in the form of a white kitten or a panther near the mountains of her village. She is very friendly and is known as the family human pet of the village.

    Roleplay Sample:you know my role playing skills i posted a 9paragraph post...
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Re: Kitty Hikari's Character

Post by Ashley Haruno on Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:37 pm

Accepted as a jounin or maybe a kage to whatever village, except Kusagakure, that you want.
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