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Post by Takimoto-kun on Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:55 am

    Character Name: Uchiha Takimoto
    Character Bloodline: Sharingan (3rd Tomoe if possible), Uchiha
    Character Beginning Element: Fire
    Character Village Affilation: Missing-Nin
    Character Age: 17
    Character Rank: A-Rank Missing-Nin

    Character Apperance:
    Character Personality: Taki is a careless and cool guy. He is the rebel type, an outlaw who serves noone but himself and his instincts. The Uchiha is a proud man that sees it hard for a person who has mocked him to come out of a conflict alive. Taki has a cocky and confident personality, however, he is seen joking with it most of the times. He is a very laid back guy and prefers relaxing other than fighting. Despite all this, he has a high sense of honor and loyalty towards his closest friends.

    Character Background/History: Takimoto was part of Otogakure until he was framed for the death of his best friend. Outraged with such an imply, the Uchiha killed the Jounin who were sent to hunt him down and kill him. It was then that he gained the Sharingan of three tiers, fighting the squad of four men who tried to take him out. After that, he left the village to become a wandering soul, waiting for the day in which he'd become needed again... Or in which he was strong enough to kill the one who murdered his best friend. [short i know, but i think i got a writer's block? no, it's just that this missing-nin has little story known, i want it to remain kinda secret >.>]

    Roleplay Sample: The rain forests of the Land of Rain... It had been a while since Takimoto had stepped on the small trails covered by tropical plants and the roots of trees which came to the surface. The erosive actions of the falling water were most likely the cause of parts of the roots being visible and standing outside the safe warmth of the earth. The young man took small steps through the trail, paying attention to what he stepped on. Faint sparkles of light slipped past the dense layer of leaves that darkened the forest slightly, making what the sun's rays touched enlightened with a divine-like color of light... A blinding white which seemed to amuse the shinobi. He smiled slightly at the view of a small butterfly that tried to circle around him, the ninja's left hand rising up to the level of the flying insect and letting it rest its wings in his thumb. In a sudden flick of his fingers, Takimoto clenched his hand into a fist that would seemingly crush the butterfly and end its life.

    "Such a pure living being shouldn't be tempted by the light in the end of the tunnel when it's too weak to reach it... It is the task of beings like me to either end their miserable suffering... Or give them the strength for the final push... But why me?"

    He thought, his fingers slowly releasing the grip of the butterfly as it flew anew, its wings being aqua blue, a slight tingle of chakra being noticed around them. The insect flew upwards, towards the small gaps on the trees' leaves that sparkled light. The Missing-Nin watched it all with a blank expression as a single drop of water slid through a leaf and fell down through the air to fall on the ninja's right cheek. He brought his right hand to his face, its index finger touching the drop and then taking it to his mouth, licking the tip of the finger gently with his tongue. The water had a sweet, sugar-like taste which Takimoto had long forgotten the flavor, now remembering it along with memories of old from his last visit here. He sighed lightly, his lungs filling with air and washing it all away in a single loaf of breath.

    It wouldn't take long for Takimoto to find there was something else here... No, someone else... It was a human, just like him. He took a deep breath, not because there was need to catch any breath, the shinobi was not tired at all. He was smelling... And it was a woman... A young woman at that... Yummy... It had been a while since the Missing-Nin had been with a woman. But she was a ninja just like him, she had the scent of one at least. Takimoto walked towards the direction of the smell, now being able to catch up with the girl with his dark brown eyes. He smiled slightly, reaching his right hand to his cloak's pocket and sinking the hand into it. He would wait until the girl actually noticed he was here to follow up with the removal of what he had in the pocket. A simple.... Lollypop... Strawberry flavored. No, the shinobi was not going to offer it to the woman, that would be completely idiotic and depraved, just to think of the sexual meaning of giving such a candy to a shinobi female. But, in his own words...

    "I smell sex and... Candy..."

    He muttered, giving away a slight chuckle that would echoe through the forest's surroundings, penetrating into the hollow trees and filling the animals' souls with fear and making their bodies shiver in horror. It wasn't that much of an evil chuckle, but a depraved one... Deep within, the shinobi was that sick and defiled... And what was his intent with the shinobi woman? How did he see her? With what eyes? Was she a prey and he the infamous hunter? Or would she be that magnanimous prize for which the gladiator had fought so hard to obtain? Either way, he stood there, waiting for the girl to act... Or react to his arrival.


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Re: Takimoto-kun

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