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Lalo Ormiga

Post by Lalo on Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:52 pm

● Shinobi Realm Ninja Registration ●

    Character Name: Orimiga, Lalo
    Character Bloodline:Ormiga
    Bloodline Name/Surname: Ormiga

    Type of registration: Kekkei Genkai/Innate(I think...I'm not sure what's the difference between Doujutsu and Innate x.x)

    Element: Earth and Water

    Description: The Ant Clan (or Orimga Clan) is rivals to the Aburame Clan. The Orgima Clan originated around the same time as the Aburame Clan, however, devolped slower since The people themselves, mutated instead of controlling ants themselves. The chakra has mutated, and physical prperties as well. Each member has a characteristic of slowly developing oval heads, although not freakishly, but, a very close look and you can tell its not something normal.(although with emo long black hair, it looks FABULOUS!) This Clan specializes in Taijutsu, however, they do use ninjutsu at times. Every Ant Member has to be related to each other. Every female gives birth in 3 weeks, instead of 9 months, due to mutation and rapid baby-making =D, which is just for RP-ing. (About being realted to each other; Since Ants live in colonies and come from the Queen Ant, which hopefully I can find a female member to be one x.x, this is of course not mandatory but, reccomended. To make sense.)

    Abilities: (I'm going to list the abilities and put the history of each and such.)

    Passive (Abilities that are always active, not matter what):

    Ant Strength:(Gennin+) Ormiga members can carry 50 times their own weight( At jounin its 50, Chuunin 25, Gennin 3). Meaning any punch or kick or physical attack is Extremely lethal(At chuunin maybe, and Jounin.

    Genjutsu Restirction: (Gennin+) No ormiga can use genjutsu. The chakra and physical mutation has made genjutsu using disabled for the user. Although, they CAN break though them (not automatically of course, I'm saying they CAN do it, like any other ninja)

    Ant Aroma: (Gennin+) Every Ormiga member set off an aroma that can ONLY be traced by other Ormiga members (seriously, ONLY Ormiga members, none of this I-sense-the-chakra-and-follow-it). Like Ants, who leave an a trail to make sure other ants follow it and get to the food, the members of the clan use this for recon and even in fights. (Although this "fight" method will be explained later.) This is handy for kidnappings and "Secret Hideouts" in RP aspects. although this Aroma does wereout, in weeks though. Also NOTE; this is INVISIBLE, its not some green gas or anything and undectable by anyone else. Gennins can only trace someone who is 2 miles away, Chuunins 4, and Jounins a whoooping 10 miles.

    Dust Bowl: (Chuunin+) This is where the "fighting" method comes in. Everything the User punches, the objest become tainted with the Ant Aroma. Meaning that they can be traced by the Ormiga Member. This is also good for Hit-and-Runs in RP aspect. The Aroma stays on the target for a total of 6 posts for Gennin Ormigas(Meaning 3 post of the target's), 10 post for Chuunin Ormigas, and 14 for Jounins. (Again I say, These are TOTAL posts, meaning both him and my post, please don't get confused.)

    Ant Speed: (Chuunin+) The Ormiga member can run as fast a race horse (which is 40MPH, I believe)(The amount was compared to a Real ant, if a real human can run equvalent to an ant, in porprocion, it'll be as fast as a race horse) with ease and without chakra. Unlike some Ninja's who use chakra to run or flicker. Meaning they can outrun most.

    Exoskeleton: (Jounin+) The user's skin becomes harder than Steel from natural mutation. Weapons that are no stronger than Steel or as strong as steel,become useless. This is based of the ant's Exoskeleton. Duh. also, note; The user isn't coated with chakra to make it strong, its naturally like that. Physical Mutation. HOWEVER, the joints of the Ormiga, are normal. So its a weak spot. (Not saying our joints or supper weak and goey, I'm saying its not super strong like the rest of our bodies.)

    (I think thats it for now...)

    Jutsus: I'll make these later, but they will be many and they all will be unique. =D

    Limitations: Eh? Uh...if you can point out something that may need one, please do tell.

    Number cap: Ants are very numerous, so no limitations.
    Character Beginning Element: Water
    Character Village Affilation: Iwa
    Character Age: 22
    Character Rank: Jounin

    Character Apperance: Look at my avi (once I get one)
    Character Personality: Wants to appear Self-ish, although he has a a soft side, and is secretly altruist. He is calm-laid back and laughs at everything.
    Character Background/History: Ermm...Lets say its a regular kid childhood.

    Roleplay Sample: Umm...I'll post my rp sample if you REALLY need it, but I'm lazy to go find it x.x

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Re: Lalo Ormiga

Post by Ashley Haruno on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:54 pm

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