Kenshin [Missing Ninja]

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Kenshin [Missing Ninja]

Post by Kenshin on Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:53 am

● Shinobi Realm Ninja Registration ●

    Character Name: Kenshin
    Character Bloodline: -----
    Character Beginning Element: Lightning
    Character Village Affilation:Missing Nin
    Character Age: 18
    Character Rank: A-Rank

    Character Apperance:
    Character Personality: Kenshin is a very laid back person. Most things don't bug him, and things that do bug him he just lets slide. Kenshin doesn't say much when he talks. He likes silence more than anything. Kenshin rarely fights anyone, unless they're causing trouble. When Kenshin does fight he never jokes around. He considers fighting everything. He never tells anyone about his past, not even people close to him. Kenshin always fights with a sword, because it's the only thing he has to remember his past.

    Character Background/History: When Kenshin was 5 his was banned from Kumogakure, due to his father killing people. But these people weren't innocent. All the people he killed were criminals.And at that time there were to many in Kumogakure. His father was sentenced to be killed, and he did die. The only thing Kenshin had to remember his father, was his fathers' sword. After the killings had ended, a new law was a adopted. Once his mother heard the law, they fled Kumogakure. The law was that anyone related to the killed, would be killed. They left Kumo in fear. There wasn't any place they could go, so they had to live in a forest. They lived there for 12 years. Everyday Kenshin would practice his sword skills. And after 12 years of practice he was a strong as his father. But Kenshin wanted revenge. When he mother was asleep, Kenshin went to Kumo. It was a long trip, but it was wroth it. When he did entered he killed the man that came up with the law. But when he was leaving he ran into a swordsman. The swordsman gave Kenshin a scar he would never forget. The scar was in the shape of a cross, on his cheek. After the battle he ran back to his mother. Just to find her killed. Kenshin wanted to know he killed her, but he would never find the person. After that happened he traveled. For a year he trained with his sword. And became stronger than his father could ever become. Kenshin accepted that now he was a Missing Nin. And he didn't care.

    Roleplay Sample:Rain. It was everywhere. Now there was only one place where it always seemed to be raining, Amegakure. And that's where Kenshin was now. Most of the people there had a umbrella. What did Kenshin have? Nothing. He had entered the Village just to do one thing. Kill a man. Kenshin was soaking wet, and people looked at him like he was crazy. Even though he wasn't. After walking for several miles he reached where he could find the man. A bar. Kenshin heard stuff being throw. People laughing. Glasses breaking. Kenshin gulped.This could get ugly really fast. Kenshin opened the door, and walked in. Inside was a bunch of drunks fighting. Kenshin bet they didn't even know why they were fighting. One massive wall of meat walked up to Kenshin. Kenshin looked up at the man. "Get out of here kid." Kenshin just walked by the man. No one ever gave him orders. The grabbed Kenshin;s shoulder. And lifted him off the ground. "I SAID GET OUT OF HERE!" Kenshin could smell the alcohol when he spook. Kenshin opened his mouth to say something, but instead he got a fist in his mouth.The man dropped him on the ground. Kenshin pulled out a tooth. Apparently this man didn't know who he just punched. Kenshin stood back up, and pulled out his sword. "Step aside, or something bad might happen to you." Kenshin never joked around, so he was dead serious. The man laughed, and laughed. He thought this was a joke. But it wasn't. The man pulled back his fist to punch Kenshin, but he was to late. Kenshin made a vertical cut across the mans chest. He fell to the ground, in pain. After that happened the fighting stopped. Everyone was looking at Kenshin. Kenshin put his blade back in its sheath, and walked up to the bar. A girl was standing there. She looked to be 20, and had brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a very small dress, and had a smile on her face. Kenshin looked at her, and opened his mouth. "Perhaps you could help me-" Before he could finish, she put her finger over his mouth. "SHH. Don't worry about that. You stopped a fight like that. I should pay you." She removed her finger from his mouth. Kenshin gulped. "That's really not necessary." The girl smiled. She grabbed Kenshin's head and pulled him to her lips. Kenshin tried to pull back, but her gripped was strong. When she finally did let go, Kenshin fell on his butt. "What the hell? God you gotta warn me when you're going to do something like that." He wiped his lips. She had a smile on her face that made Kenshin want to kiss her again. She leaned in closer, and rested her elbows on the bar. "You know you really are cute. You should come to my place tonight. We could get to know each other." Kenshin stood up, and looked at the girl like she was crazy. He pulled out a picture of the man he came to kill. And then realized he already had killed him. The wall of meat was the on Kenshin came to kill, and Kenshin had killed him. He turned his back on the girl and walked away. Before he left he said one thing. "Never in a million years." Kenshin walked out of the bar. And left Ame.


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Re: Kenshin [Missing Ninja]

Post by Ashley Haruno on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:55 pm

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