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Marcus Hakushi

Post by Marcus Hakushi on Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:26 pm

● Shinobi Realm Ninja Registration ●

    Character Name: Hakushi Marcus
    Character Bloodline:Kazegan LV3 (look at my clan registry)
    Character Beginning Element: Wind and Water(my kekkei genkai)
    Character Village Affilation: Kirikagure
    Character Age: 18
    Character Rank: Sanin(never been a sanin, so ill give it a try)

    Character Apperance: My avatar
    Character Personality:
    Cold, calm, relaxed, this three words describe him completely. Marcus is a person who killed his first victim at a age of 13, and that made him enter the bingo book. Since that, life made a ruthless killer out of him, who took a lot of lives. But, unlike other outlaws, Marcus is a genius person, who cares a lot. He only kills if he has a reason. Before acting, he uses his mind to make a strategy and a plan, and then he goes to action. When Marcus decides to kill someone, that person will not live more than a day, before he kills him. Marcus likes to read a lot. His favorite hoby is searching for different herbs, which is a sing of his good heart, and his brilliant mind. Marcus is always calm and relaxed, and he never losses his cool, for a very special reason. He thinks that a person, who is angry, has a clouded mind. That kind of person is not able to make a proper judgment, and thus he will lose his head quick. The only thing that could make him angry is a death of a person close to him.

    Character Background/History:

    Marcus was born in a small village, in the Land of Thunder, one of five great nations. His village was very small, and it was surrounded by tall mountains, and large rivers. All people in that village were pour, and most of them had no food, or water. The village was ruled by a fat government official. He kept all food and money for himself, not giving anything to the villagers, and their families. Marcuses parents were pour farmers, who served that fat man, and lived in dirt. Their house was small, and they had enough supplies, just barely to survive.

    When Marcus reached the age of 6, he finally discovered something about him self, and his family. He and his parents didnt always lived in that village. Once a long time ago, they were living in a house, on one of those near by mountains. One day, Marcus went to see that house, so he quickly sneaked out to search for that place. After a long trip, he finally found it, in same state as it was before. He slowly entered to the house, trough a wooden door, and started looking around. After a while he finally discovered a secret, hidden by his parents, and the rest of his clan. He found out that, in the past, all members of his clan where skilled assassins and geniuses. Seeing that, Marcus decided to train, and be just like one of them. He took a special book, in which there were some fighting styles, that past generations of his clan used.

    Marcus spent a few hours in that house, and then he decided to leave, and head back to the village. He wasnt in a hurry, knowing that his parents wont mind if hes late a little, and he was planing to be late just a few minutes. Since that area was cowered by a thick forest, Marcus couldnt see his village, so he couldnt know what was happening. When he finally came to the village, Marcus suddenly dropped his book, and his eyes widen completely. The whole willage was cowered by sings of battle. There were dead bodys, shurikens, kunais, arrows and swords all over the place. Marcus couldnt beleave what he just saw, so he quickly took his book, and made a sprint towards his house. There, he found his parents, lying dead on the floor. He quickly hug both of them, and started to cry, making his grip tighter with every second. The only thing on his mind was: I have to find those who did this.

    Seven have passed since that massacre in the village, and Marcus was finally ready, to do what he wanted to always do. In that time, the only thing on his mind was revenge, on his parents killer. He found out that ones who attacked his village, and killed all the people. were shinobi from cloud village. Marcus found that when he was
    8 years old, so then he quickly finished the ninja academy, right in Land of Thunder capital. There he quickly became a genin, and got ready to do what he was planing. He was 13 at that time, and the person who killed his parents was a Raikage, so adds were against him. Knowing that didnt made Marcus quit his mission, he knew that he
    was ready, and that he could do it for sure. Marcus slowly sneaked into the kage office, and then, he finally meet the person who killed his father. The Rikage remembered day quickly, and said that he is a different person now, not a killer anymore. That didnt stopped Marcus, he simply ignored Raikages orders, and went to attack him. After a long battle, Marcus used a substitution in the right moment, and made his final blow. That made lord Raikage fell down beneath Marcus. He was finally dead, and Marcus did what he wanted, avenged his parents.

    After that happened, Lucius left the village, and he became a Missing-nin. He was all alone on in world. Nobody cared what will happen to him, and every jounin in his land wanted to kill him, and get a high bounty. After Marcus killed Lord Raikage, he started to wander the world, searching for a reason to live. He was attacked by many shinobi
    from his own village, which all died from his hands, because even now he wanted to live. Suddenly, all traces of Marcus were gone, like he vanished from the world. The truth was, that he went to his clan old house, where he started to train. There he got another dream. He wanted to become the strongest Hakushi in the history. To do that, Marcus started to train, learning all of his clan secrets.

    Roleplay Sample:
    (You know my skilz, but here, ive wrote something quickly)
    At late midnight, in a small opening, in the middle of the forest, there was a figure standing. A strange man, in his late 30, dressed for a battle. He had a pair of ninja trousers, a black T-shirt, and a head band from a unknown village. On his back, that strange man was wearing a black mighty sword, in perfect shape. It would seam that he was waiting for someone, but who. A small gust of wind suddenly blew across the area where that man was standing. It was gentle, but strong, telling the man that someone is coming.

    On the other side of the forest, gentle steps could be heard, coming closer and closer with each second. Suddenly, behind a tree, a strange figure appeared. His red shiny eyes glanced at that tall man, intimidating him, and making him back up a few steps. The figure saw that man taking a few steps back, and that made a sudden smile appear on his face. His smile was devious, but at the same time gentle, showing the nature of this new figure.

    The figure took a step forwards, coming out of the shadows of the tree, and into the opening. When he stepped out, moons light quickly showed the secret of this mans look. This new figure was a rather young man, it would seam that he was about 18 or 19 years old, but who knew how old he really was. This young man was from Iwakagure, and he proudly wore his village head band,right on his head. His shirt was sleeveless, so a tattoo could be spotted on his right hand, and a other one on his left hand. Both of his hands were muscular, so judging by that, this many spent many time on training. Colors of his clothes also indicated that he was from Iwakagure. He wore clothes in brown and black combination, the symbol of the Rock village. This new man had no weapons what so ever, but in his right hand he was holding something, apparently it was paper, with something written on it.

    The figure quickly rose his right hand, towards the tall man, showing him what was written on it. As a reaction, the whole body of this tall man started to shake, and sweet appeared on his face. It would seam that he was really disturbed by it, but why? Only one word could be heard coming from that man, and it was


    When that came out of his words, the figure suddenly moved his head, showing him a scar. It was a old battle scar, which Marcus got from this tall man, and the only way for someone to recognize Marcus. After showing him that scar, Marcus slowly lowered his right hand, placing that paper into his pocket. After that, he calmly said

    "Now that you figured that out, its time to end this meeting, and your life. You killed my parents Lucius, and my best friend, so its time to pay. Not even that sword will help you."

    When Marcus said that, Lucius quickly took out his sword, getting ready for battle. Marcus knew all about Luciuses sword, and his fighting style, and he was well prepared. This was the day he will finally avenge his family and his best friend. After a second of calming him self, Marcus slowly slid his right leg towards Lucius and at the same time, he rose his right hand up to his neck. With that he was ready.

    Suddenly a gust of wind roamed across the field, right in front of the duo. Both of them were standing still, each searching for a opening, a second of quiet before the battle. Suddenly, Marcus vanished, in just a blink of an eye. He re-appeared right behind Lucius, unheard and unseen, due to his gentle but blinding speed. A split second after, Lucius would fall quickly on the ground, with a kunai in his back. After that, Marcus disappeared again, appearing in the shadow of a tree. The same three where he first shown up. It would seam that Marcus was waiting for something to happen, because he wasnt leaving enywhere, just standing on the same spot. Suddenly, the place where Luciuses body was exploded, and his flesh flew across the field. When the explosion was over, Marcus was nowhere to be seen, his duty was over and he had nothing else to do here.

Also, i was wandering if you could make me a Global Mod, if you need help with registrations.
Marcus Hakushi
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