Kazegan - FINISHED

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Kazegan - FINISHED

Post by Marcus Hakushi on Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:38 pm

Surname: no special last name


Elements: Wind and Water

Ability Description:Its a special type of Dojutsu, which gives the user the power to create and control Tsunamis, by using their Dojutsu. Each level of this Dojutsu has a different way for activation, and a different type of power.
Here they are(Dont laugh at the pictures)(still making this):

Kazegan[1 stage]
This is the first stage of this strange dojutsu. When the user reaches his genin rank, and wins his first battle, he will activate his kekkei genkai. His eyes will turn completely green, and until he reaches chuunin rank, he wont be able to de-activate his kekki genkai.

Kazegan[2 stage]
After the user has reached chuunin rank, he will be able to activate the second stage of his dojutsu. The only way to do that is, to drink a glass of salt water and to win another fight. This rank of dojutsu can be de-activated and activated, when ever the user wants. It grants the power of making small 1m high waves out of SALT WATER ONLY. Also, if the user makes a jutsu which summons water(Exploding water shockwave), he can make it Salty.

Kazegan[3 stage]
When the user has reached jounin rank, he can activate the third stage of his eye. To activate this stage, he has to do the same thing, as he did for activating the second stage. The third and second stage are almost the same. The only difference is, that on this stage he can make bigger waves, which are 4m high. He can also make the water he summons, salty.

Shuriken Kazegan[final stage]
This is the final stage of this kekkei genkai, and the most strongest. This type can only be gained after learning all clan jutsus, and getting Kazegan 3 stage. After those two conditions have been made, the user has to kill a opponent in battle, after which his eyes will evolve. In this stage the user has all powers from kazegan stage 3, and some new ones. This stage has two paths, one is Healing Win, the second one is Destructive Tornado. When the user gains Shuriken mode, he will automaticly learn a new jutsu.
I the user is Healing wind, he will get
Purification Wave Jutsu
Genjutsu, water/wind, A-Rank
After making a Tori hand sing, the user will be able to do his special dojutsu ability. He will be able to put his opponent in a special genjutsu, which will make him able to see all his opponents enternal and internal wounds. By adding a some more chakra, he will be able to heal some of his opponents wounds.(it can do the same with his allies)
Drawback: This Jutsu takes a lot of chakra, a half of users complete amount of chakra. So, he can use it only once per battle.

If the user is Destructive Tornade, he will get
Title Wave Shurikens Jutsu
Ninjutsu, Water/Wind, A-Rank
After making a Tori hand sing, the user will be able to do his special dojutsu ability. He will be able to make a 8m high title wave rise, and by adding a portion of his wind chakra, 1000 shurikens will fly out of it, towards the opponent. The shurikens arent so hard, so a simple sword could cut them in half. After making them, the user isnt able to manipulate them.
Drawbacks: Same as the ones above, with a extra weakness. The user can make this jutsu only from Salt water.

Thats it from the Dojutsu. After getting the final stage, the user gets his eyes, by a special system which will be known by the Clan Maker(me) and the Web Master(Ashley).

Jutsu:Im gonna do this if the clan gets approved.

Number Cap:3
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Re: Kazegan - FINISHED

Post by Ashley Haruno on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:57 pm

Approved. Just don't godmod.
Ashley Haruno
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