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teikiatsu registration

Post by teikiatsu on Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:08 pm

● Shinobi Realm Ninja Registration ●

    Character Name: Teikiatsu
    Character Bloodline:making
    Character Beginning Element: Water wind lightning
    Character Village Affilation:Missing-Nin
    Character Age: 17
    Character Rank: S-rank sannin

    Character Apperance:avatar
    Character Personality:angry all the time full of hatred
    Character Background/History:none

    Roleplay Sample:
It was 5am and the sun was shining brightly, the birds sung and the chickens yelled their usual annoying sound whilst teikiatsu was in a deep sleep in his warm bed. He was woken by the sun shining brightly in his eyes, as he sat up his eyes were sore from the sun and he was temporarily blinded. He rubbed his eyes and his vision came back, as he got out of bed he looked up to the bright blue sky and wondered if anything exciting or special would happen that day. He began to get undressed for his shower. whilst in the shower he yawned alot which made him wonder what time it was. When he got out of the shower he went into his room and got dressed, he thought it was 11 and he had missed his alarm clock but to his shock when he peered at the clock he saw it was only 5am. Teikiatsu put his shoes on and grabbed his equipment and left the house. He walked about a mile and a half and was at the village gates. He yelled up at the guards to open the gate to let him out so he could continue his journey. Outside the village gates it was foggy and hard to see with the sand storm so he pulled out his goggles and put them on, this made it easier to see. he walked for 100 miles in a south western direction which took him 12 hours and he was at the gates of kirigakure.

At the gates of the hidden mist village Teikiatsu yelled up at the guard on the gate duty.(guard in red)

Can i come into the village hidden in mist please

"It depends only if your name is on a list, what is your name little boy"

"My name is teikiatsu,i am teikiatsu from the village hidden in sand"

The guard gazed at his list and after 5 minutes started to reply.

"No sorry your name is not o.."

Teikiatsu cut him up.

"Ok then i wont be allowed in because i wont be on that list"

Teikiatsu realised that people can onlyget into villages if their names are on a list the guards have and he knew he wouldn't be on any lists so he knew he would have to tae the long way round the villages. He started to go around the village and realised tht it would take too long so he would have to waste chakra to get around the villages. he focused all his chakra in his legs and moved in a western direction using shunshin no jutsu. Teikiatsu ended up in kumogakure. Teikiatsu was certain not to repeat what happened last time which made him waste valuable time again. He focused more chakra in his legs again and used the very good jutsu he learnt, body flicker technique to go around the village which made him go in a north western direction. he appeared after 20 minutes outside the big gates of the Hidden earth village, iwagakure.

Teikiatsu was very tired at thispoint after 13 hours of searching. He looked at the map to see what villages he hadn't past and it left Amegakure, the village hidden in rain and Otogakure, the village in sound. Teikiatsu knew he only had enough to chakra to flicker to otogakure and then he would have to rest then go to amegakure or just go home. Teikiatsu body flickered to otogakure.

At the out skirts of otogakure he realised many snake and got scared for his life until one began to speak.

[ snakes in green ]
"Who are you and who do you think you are tresspassing over our land ?"

"I am teikiatsu and didn'tknow i was tresspassing any land sorry."

"well you are now come with me"

"ok but i don't know why i should"

Sign this and don' tworry it will help you in future it will allow you to summon me, the king of snakes and the second most powerful snake in the world."


teikiatsu bit his thumb and signed the contract in blood. The snake then looked into teikiatsus eyes and teiiatsu appeared in a completely different forest and he was surrounded by a giant hundred foot purple snake and a giant hundred foot three headed snake.

( manda in indigo )

"This is the king manda and this is the second strongest snake in the world he doesn't have a name we just called him three headed snake"

Why have you brought him here he is a weak genin he will never be able to summon me or my apprentice

trust me my leedge he will become strong enough withour help he will be the greatest.

if you want ill leave and never come back?

No if my advsor says your worthy ill trust him for now but if you ever cross me i will kill you got it ?

"Yes my king i just wish for you to train my strength speed my ability to dodge and my senses "

"and why should i do that?"

"because you want me to become strong, strong enough so that i wont be a liability in battle and rather a battle partner"

"ok i will train you but you must do every thing i say or i will leave."

"you may now leave my presence little one but first what isyour name",

"my name is teikiatsu and my goal is to become the kazekage and hopefully a member of the three legendary sanin i am a member of the sound village and i am 5 years old"

"ok fair enough you may now leave advisor take him away"

"ok my king i will take him out of this forest"

Teikiatsu becomes blind for 10 seconds and when he can see again he is back into the real word, his home lying on his bed with the snake before him.

"Ok take this scroll and carry it with you always it will summon manda or me or the three headed snake to help you in battle and if u gain apprentices they can sign it and they can summo him to well thats the main reason it gives other people the chance to sign it. to summon one of us you bite your thumb and slam your hand on the ground ok it doesn't really help you summon us just if you want someone elseto be a disciple of the snake now i bid you farewell."

the snake dissapeared in a puff of smoke.

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Re: teikiatsu registration

Post by Marcus Hakushi on Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:12 pm

Approved i guess.
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