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Post by Ashley Haruno on Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:51 pm

    Before, all the Hidden Villages and countries of the Shinobi World lived together for harmony, at last. After years of wars over many countless things, the death of the Akatsuki and the eternal sealing of Jinchuukri forever, after they were sealed into items then destroyed forever, officially being extinct from the world. Then also curse marks were put away for good, so they say at least. There have been recent trails of split personalities, but the survival rate is low enough that the dna alter is considered illegal in the Shinobi World.

    After about ten years of peace, something happened in Takigakure. It was said to be a rare group of people, a Kekkei Gankei if you will. These people could change their body forms to muk and cover places and thing and poison it almost immediately. This is when Takigakure was feared as a village. They were going to take over countries surrounding them to make even more land when the muk turned against them and spread a plague throughout their village.

    Eventually, the sick people of Takigakure died and the village rotted to a instant death. Without being revived, people thought of it as just a curse. After Takigakure ruins were raided, a secret spring was found. This was said to be the Fountain of Youth, where it could turn anybody young with one sip. An aging ninja took a sip from the fountain of youth and became younger as he took the muk and traveled along from land to land, eventually destroying lands of his choice.

    The Hidden Villages of Sky, Moon, Star, Rain, and Craftsman were destroyed by the muk as well, but after a huge battle with the ninja from Rain, it was said that they were destroyed for good. A group of refugees from Rain who survived now travel as a group of missing ninja and they claimed Kumogakure to be head of the attack, controlling and creating the muk. This led out a raid to Kumogakure, which they counter-acted to make everything seem fair.

    Right now the lands are at a short term of peace, where the plague is slowly going to spread through the nations. They are starting at small countries where hosts of the plague just need to touch a person to give them the contagious plague, which will spread and eventually destroy where they live. Small refugee camps were destroyed and smaller villages were eventually left to rot. Lastly, an attack was raided on Konahagakure, but they knew the right medics to get rid of the plague.

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