Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines

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Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines

Post by Ashley Haruno on Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:33 am

    In-Game Rules:
    - Use a minimum of two lines when posting. It is not required for them to be full lines, as long as they are descriptive enough with your intentions;
    - You cannot do 100 actions in one post;
    - You cannot describe other character's actions other than your own or that of an NPC/Summon of another RPer;
    - Be descriptive in your posts, this will add a better experience of RPing to every member in the site;
    - You cannot be in two topics at the same time;

    Character Rules:
    - Your character must act the way he/she was described upon creation, however, it can obviously change its personality, regarding the fact that events and meeting other RPers' characters affect one's personality;

    Fighting Rules:
    - You require a valid RP-Reason to attack and kill another character. This will heighten the experience of your character's development and prevent random killing from happening;
    - Role-Play is about giving and taking. You cannot dodge forever, be realistic;
    - No auto-hitting. e.g: I slash at your chest and make a deep wound in it <- Auto-Hitting
    - No godmodding. godmodding is when you perform an action that your character is unable to perform. e.g.: I flicker in mid-air. It's impossible to flicker in mid-air, just an example;
    - If you are fighting in a group battle, please follow the Battle Order;
    - Read your opponent's post fully to avoid arguments. If there is something you do not understand, PM them. It gets annoying when a fight gets full of OOC posting, which takes to spam;

    Taking Villages:
    - You must create a topic declaring you are challenging a Kage of the said village for their spot;
    - You must wait three days without RP-Wise replies before taking the village;

    Travelling Rules:
    - You must pass through each village's Gate Topic located inside the village forums to exit or enter a village;
    - You must pass through a Land's travelling topic [usually mountain trail or forest trail] to leave a Land;
    - Keep your travelling in a general travelling topic, battles and other events taking place in a Land, please create a new topic in said Land;
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