My salamander summon

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My salamander summon

Post by teikiatsu on Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:41 pm

Contract Signing Type:Salamander
Location of the Contract: the location of the contract is in a crypt deep in a forest but to open the crypt the person locating it must find the four salamander charms located in different areas surrounding the crypt.

Summoning Tier:
Tier 1---> Hellbender: This is the littlest of all three salamanders although it is still quite strong but very slow. It has the ability to spit fire at the foe in little bursts like fire balls

Tier 2---> Oni Tokage aka Chinese giant salamander: This is quite big standing at 25 ft . It has strong wind attacks and fire attacks which all come from his mouth. It is a little bit stronger than the little salamander but a lot faster.

Tier 3--->(you name)(canon -->its hanzos salamander):This is the biggest of the salamanders easily standing at a whoping 100ft it is so strong iot is sed that it can even stand its own vs katsuyu manda and gamabunta all at once. It is extremely strong and extremely fast.Its wind and fire attacks are second to none it spits out white fire which takes the strongest of water jutsu to stop and combined with it wind it is near unstopable.

Latent Abilities Tier:

Regeneration:like salamanders the person with the power of this contract will be able to regenerate lost limbs but not organs or anything and it would take longer to regenerate the limbs (3 posts)

salamander speed and strength: The user becomes extremely fast and extremely strong physically his punched knockdown trees and he is as fast as lee a drawback to this though uis that he walks on all fours like the salamander.

Salamander combination: this is a last resort only jutsu and will end with the user exhausted and unable to move for hours(irl) It combines the user with its salamander using up most of the users chakra, thuis makes the user extremely strong fast and agile it also gives the user a long tail. in this form the user has advanced senses to.lasts 5 posts.

Drawbacks and Weaknesses:The weaknesses of this jutsu are they leave the user extremely exhausted and barely able to move afterwards which means if their foe is able to survive the user will surely be killed by the foe is that is the foes wish.


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Re: My salamander summon

Post by Ashley Haruno on Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:43 pm

Denied. Because 2nd and 3rd are two big for summons really. I saw last levels as tall as 16 feet, and 25 feet, none less then 100 feet is too big. Then, the salamanders are too strong and god-mod.
Ashley Haruno
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