General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Ashley Haruno on Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:35 am

    General Rules:
    - Descriptions of gore and violence are allowed;
    - No badmouthing (it is punished by temporary to permanent banning);
    - No spamming or double-posting in a topic, wether it be RP or OOC-wise;
    - No posting graphic content (pictures, videos), this is a PG - 13 Site;
    - Follow the Staff's requests, it will make everything easier;
    - Here to train jutsu, we follow a word count basis. If you need help counting words, use this simple tool to help.
    - Members who hold important positions (Village Leader, Organization leader) and who are not online for 2 weeks or more, without letting the admin know will lose their status.

    Registration Rules:
    - Follow the template given in each Creation Forum
    - Once your character is approved, decision is FINAL, you cannot request a rank/bloodline/element change;
    - If your username does not match that of your character, please state it in your signature.

    Chatbox Rules:
    - No badmouthing (flaming, cursing);
    - No spamming (random posts over the number of 7 are considered spamming and will be punished);
    - Use spoilers [ s p o i l e r ] [ i m g ] url [ / i m g ] [ / s p o i l e r ] without spaces if you want to post a picture. This will prevent chatbox lag;
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