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Ashley Haruno of Grass

Post by Ashley Haruno on Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:53 am

● Shinobi Realm Ninja Registration ●

    Character Name: Haruno, Ashley
    Character Bloodline: Flower Manipulation, Haruno
    Character Beginning Element: Wind
    Character Village Affilation: Kusagakure
    Character Rank: Kusakage
    Character Age: 18

    Character Apperance:
    Character Personality: Ashley Haruno is a level-headed shinobi from the contry of grass. She is a girl who focuses on things of importance and isn't afraid to speak out, always saying what she wants. Not foul-mouthed as she refrains herself from cussing in battle she is seen to get tempered rather easily, but she does a have a sweet side. She has a sweet side for most of her villagers, espically the ones who fought in battle with her, and her former teammates. Also, with her Haruno abilities she is gifted in chakra control and medical ninjutsu techniques, as it runs in her family. She doesn't like to kill from a bad experience after being forced to kill her teammate.
    Character Background/History: Ashley Haruno was born in the Country of Grass with the traveling Haruno clan. As they had several clan members living in villages named after types of plants, mainly Konahagakure, Kusagakure and the Valley Country. Her family was her mother, Aikou Haruno who was a medical ninja and a skilled Haruno at that, and her father, Hayate Tori, who had no bloodline but was skilled in breeding with birds and could call upon them to battle for him. With this, they lived in a nice house decorated with many flowers which birds came to frequently. Her parents also ran a flowershop and greenhouse.

    With this, both of her parents were shinobi formerly and both at the rank of Chuunin, until her mother decided to give up being a shinobi to become a medical ninja and work at the Shinobi worldwide hospital, living there on her working days, which was alittle after Ashley turned the age of three. Her father then took her to watch the Chuunin Exams final battles in the Tea Country, in which they got tickets to. She then explained to him that is how he got chuunin and told her how he was a ninja and everything about his battle, which pushed Ashley and her father forward.

    Telling her father that he could do it, she pushed him towards entering the jounin exams. In the surprise challenge, whcih was an endurance challenge, enduring a thunderstorm with just a tent in a forest, he eventually made it to the next round, but barely. After a bunch of training, he took 6 year old Ashley with him there as she watched her father use his birds to peck this guy hard, his skin being bruised badly as he fell to his knees and Ashley witnessed her father's wind chakra abilities as he slashed a whirlwind towards the guy.

    This was Ashley asking her father to train her to breed birds, but he told her when she became 8, to enroll into the academy as she seemed to have Haruno abilities. The signs were her cutely colored eyes, which were a hot pink color, and her light pink hair. Her long growing hair was also a slight factor, but she needed her mother to train her, but her mother worked as a medic ninja. She enrolled into the academy and was noted for her chakra control abilities, but wasn't the smartest or the strongest in the graduating class.

    As she turned 12, her teammates were 13 year olds named Kaze and Kanta, in which they were given their headbands and surprisingly, her sensei was her father. Excited at this she smiled but then they were administered their first training, getting the three headbands. Trying to do her best to fend off the birds, she noticed Kaze unique ability to harden grass to needles and Kanta's sword mastery. With this, she needed her abilities but with mainly her teammates help to get her headbands.

    After 5 consecutive succesful D-rank missions, they went on their C-Rank mission which was to protect a traveling merchant who sold many custom weapons but now must return to his home in the Tea Country. Along the way, they were attacked by a bandit in which her teammates fended them off, but then they reached the factor in which the merchant attacked them. He was really a spy for them and her father immediately flickered to report to the Kusakage, and as he returned, Kaze and Kanta were trapped and Ashley was left to battle one on one, being overpowered.

    As he threw Ashley to the side, he trapped Hayate to and forced them to watch him brutually kill his daughter. As he gripped her, she replaced with a log and punched him to the tree as she preformed the regular clone jutsu and then the clones poofed away and in the smoke she hit a roundhouse kick. She then picked up a flower and spun it in the air and doing a handseal, Tori, as the petals flew rapidly like shuriken towards the merchant and struck him, but as she did a stem sharpening, he reflected it to hit her in a main organ in her arm, which he revealed to have injected poision into. As Ashley wasn't going to be effected easier, she looked over at the chakra cages that her teammates and father were in.

    She then didn't know what to do and decided to stall as the cages might require constant chakra flow, sprinting around him dodging a bunch of kunai until she got a plan. She put together a handseal as a barrage of kunai came towards her and it hit her, but then it poofed towards a log, with a paper bomb on it. Hidden on the side, he didn't notice and as he was looking for her, he was blown into the air where she jumped off a tree and stabbed him in the neck, the kunai going right through as they returned to the village with her partners, saying that it was a chakra draining cage.

    She dropped to her knees at home as the poision took effect, and she was taken to the hospital of neutral terrotory rather quickly as she fainted in her fathers arms. They did their best to take the poision out but they stated that it was an S-ranked poision that could only be made by the master alchemist in an enemy organization, and that he was trading with them. As it was revealed he had altered with Konaha's weapon income, they had killed him for good, but was it all over? They said that she was going to die within minutes.

    But her mother couldn't see that happening, knowing that her chakra was offically ruptured and her organs posioned, she did a sacred technique to transfer all her chakra into her daughters, healing her chakra fully and the extra chakra taking out the poision. This also highered Ashley's chakra percentage by 20%, and you couldn't give your chakra partially, only fully so her mothers fell to her feet and died before her very eyes. Feeling very teared, she was going to fight for her mother.

    As her father entered her team in the chuunin exams, they traveled to the Tea Country for the two rounds of the exams. There were a total of 97 teams entered in the exam, meaning that they had to add an extra round, meaning that there had to be a written test. With the test, your team needed to get a total of 15 points all-together to pass. Ashley scored a 9, meaning each of her teammates needed to score a 3. Kaze scored a 5 and Kanta scored a 6, passing them with a score of 20. Out of the 28 teams that passed, they had the 8th highest score, putting them in 8th place now. With the next round it was a test of ninja skills as a team, meaning a team battle, winner goes on with two rounds.

    In the first round they easily took down a team from the Hidden Sand Village who tried to rely soley on weapons and elementary techniques, thinking that it could possibly be enough for them, but Kaze's new technique with a wall of grass needles reflected their weapons and traced them as Ashley summoned a rose petal hurricane, which altered with the other teams vision for a while when she silently watched as Kanta used his swords to win them the battle. They did this with the second round as well, narrowing the teams down to 7.

    With 20 people in the final round, one team had a member die, they had to have the final round, battles. There was only a minimum of 6 battles, so they had to have preliminaries to narrow it down to 10 competitors and have 5 battles. Kanta won, Kaze lost and Ashley won, meaning they went onto the next round. In the final round, Ashley was to face Lii of the Hidden Waterfall Village, knowing her techniques involved strong water currents and did her best to study against those techniques.

    In the final battle, she seemed to be losing to the strong water techniques, which caused her to use her trump card, something that with her mother's extra chakra that she was able to learn. Using her wind chakra and rose petals, she formed a rose petal hurricane around, blowing Lii back abit while altering with her vision to set up the jutsu. Suddenly she grew out stems out-ranged with spikes and wrapped it around Lii's body as she was about to grasp her hand and close it into a fist, meaning for the spikes to enclose on her body, but she squealed out the words I quit.

    With this, Kanta and Ashley both became chuunins while Kaze was genin. Kaze's jealousy got the better of him and he attempted to kill his teammates. Killing Kanta succesfully without leaving a mark, he snuck into Ashley's house as she knew of what happened to Kanta and left a deqouid in the bed. She jumped out from the bed and tied him into the stems. She cried that she had to do that but she balled her hands into a fist and the spikes entruted as blood spurted immediately and she released the jutsu and started crying, with drew her father as she explained what happened and why their was blood and body parts all over her floor. This was on her 14th birthday,

    After this, she tried to kill herself at 14 and was put on suicide watch, not allowed to go on C-rank and up missions or battle until she visited a therapist and offically got over this and as she turned 17, she entered the jounin exams, which was different this time then last. Only 2 participants from hidden village, meaning that only 14 people made it and if you won or lost didn't mean anything, the 7 battles showed who or who not could get jounin by Tea Country Daimyo. Eventually she faced the same girl Lii in the jounin exams, this being Lii's 2nd time, after she got chuunin when Ashley was on suicide watch and entered the jounin exams rather quickly. The Kusakage picked Ashlet because they knew she was capable.

    Lii seemed to expand in her abilities and more things seemed to happen as she then got Ashley on edge, telling her to give up or face death. Ashley put her hands together and she did her handseals which Lii said will be her last as the current blew Ashley against the wall, pinning her there under the water, but then it turned out to be a log, a replacement technique and Ashley used Rose Petal Hurricane, with a combonation of wind chakra and caused a distraction, thus hiding until the jutsu was over and trapping her in a stem again, but only her right hand tugging it off as she de-limbed the girl, who fainted as she won the match. She didn't want to kill again.

    After this, she started to train to become a medical ninja and she was invited to the council of 8 possible Sannins, in which her dad congratulated her on as the last Sannin died, and he wasn't even invited. But she did have one of the best chakra controls in the village, and she was a medical ninja, which the village seeming to have a small amount of. Although she wasn't picked to become Sannin, a ninja named Aoi was picked. Aoi then was about to become Kusakage when it was revealed he murdered the Kusakage. He then challenged anybody to see if they could beat him.

    Ashley stepped up to him, a battle to the death. It was her birthday, her 18th birthday, 4 years since she killed Kaze, which still messed with her mind throughout the battle and when she was facing death, inches away from her face she decided to take it and let to have it, knowing that she didn't deserve to live. Aoi went to finish her off, but he missed purposely seeing what she was doing. He then took his scythe and stabbed himself, killing him as Ashley stood over him, astonished that she was now the offical Kusakage.At her ceremony, a week later it was known offical that she was the Kusakage.

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