Haruno Clan

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Haruno Clan

Post by Ashley Haruno on Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:20 pm

      Surname: Haruno
      Type: Innate Ability
      Elements: Wind or Water, as they have to do with flowers growing and such.
      Ability Description: The Haruno Clan has a distinct ability to control flowers, petals and flower stems at their own will. Basic techniques include using the flower and controlling them at your wills, using it to your advantage. The Haruno attack system is based on beauty and offense, rarely relying on defensive moves. With their distinct ability to control their chakra and channel it powerfully, it allows them to use flowers almost as other parts of their body. A higher technique combines wind and water techniques with the flowers, such as Rose Petal Hurricane or Water Stem Growth technique. Most of their techniques include flower petals and flower stems.
      Jutsu: to be listed in jutsu registration.
      Number Cap: 10
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