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Haruno Clan Jutsu

Post by Ashley Haruno on Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:18 pm


    Floral Field Technique
    Surrounds the floor in flower petals that could be used later in battle. Although it sometimes proves to be use-less, it leads up to much stronger juts and provides a use of flower petals for the Haruno.

    Floral Shuriken Jutsu
    After using Floral Field technique, the user controls the petals to fly at the opponent rapidly as if they were shuriken. At the speeds they now travel, they couldn't kill a person, but if hit directly it could deeply gash.

    Stem Whip Technique
    The user takes a flower and enlarges the stem, allowing them to now control the stem at their own will and use it as a whip or maybe to trap the opponents leg.

    Blooming of Hell Technique
    This is a genjutsu which the user casts on the opponent, in which they see a flower in their mind, spinning recklessly. This makes them dizzy, but then the real genjutsu starts as it forms a horrible image in the middle of the flower.


    Water Growth Technique
    Only if you are a water-styled chakra Haruno, then you are able to use this jutsu. With this jutsu, you focus your water chakra onto the plant or jutsu, which allows it to be stronger and bigger for three posts.

    Stem Whip Thorns Jutsu
    While having a stem whip activated, with this technique you could add thorns onto the stem, allowing a whip to excess more pain and be more effective then before.

    Petal Hurricane
    After having floral field technique activated, you could put together the needed handseals and a wind gust blows around the flowers allowing a hurricane of petals to go between the fighters. It is used more of a distraction and to alter their vision and go in to attack.


    Body Petal Dispere Technique
    If attacked towards the middle part of your body, you could seperate your body willingly and make the middle part soley of petals which the attack goes through an your body reforms almost immediately.

    Rose Petal Clone
    This forms a clone that is made from rose petals and if hit, it disperses back to rose petals and immediately just falls to the floor to be used for later. Could endure two hits before being destroyed.

    Tall Flower Technique
    This allows flowers to grow taller then the user and to complete surround them, allowing them to succesfully hide and wait to set up a jutsu that might take a long time. The flowers could be broken through rather easily, but it will take a while to get through.


    Haruno Flower Field
    The user succesfully makes a field of flowers around their as they jump into the air and makes another handseal. With this, the flowers rise up and have their points towards the target, with slight poison-injected tips. The user stays in the air and uses a very thin chakra string to control where the flower goes, and the opponent doesn't know the user is controlling them.
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