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kobe kerosi

Post by kobe on Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:05 pm

● Shinobi Realm Ninja Registration ●

    Character Name: kerosi, kobe
    Character Bloodline:kerosi
    Character Beginning Element: lightning
    Character Village Affilation: cloud
    Character Age: 18
    Character Rank: raikage

    Character Apperance: avatar
    Character Personality:kobe is a nice and caring person who loves to fight. his love of fighting has given him a very short temper.eclipse is a trouble maker sometimes when he is hyper.he will protect anyone he is related to or likes.
    Character Background/History: kobe has lived and grew up with his older brother. . he is a 18 year old boy who has a love of fighting. on the battle feild he gets annoyed real fast.kobe dont talk very much. he really only talks when he has too and never talks to anyone first. he only talks when talked to.his older brother thinks he is the reason their parents died so he never does anythign with kobe and he never talks to kobe.he is basicaly just like kobe.

    kobe had always wanted to be a ninja. at the age of 7 he entered the academy and stayed their for the whole year not getting in trouble or anhthing the whole time. he passed the graduation exam on his first try pretty eaisy because he may not look it but he was really smart and really good at doing jutsu. he is still waiting to find out who's going to be on the team with him and who his sensei is going to be but he really dont even care about it. he just wants to get out and do some missions

    Roleplay Sample:
kobe stops at the bottom of the mountain and looks up at the high peeks of the giant mountain as i think:"damn im going to have to climb this damn thing to find that scroll witht he contract......". kobe is looking for a contract with the lions to be the lion summoner.he looks up at the mountain again and he sighs as he imagined all the time this would take. he knew the scroll was in one of the huge caves on this huge mountain. it is probaly guarded by something. then again in the extreme cold up there there might not be anything there protecting it. kobe had heard that the scroll was in the rain country in a place almost unreachable and he had thought: what better place then at the top of this mountain. he sighs as he looks for the trail he knew would be here somewere. he had been hiking up this mountain alot and had also hikedin the caves but he hadnt went very high up or very far into the caves for fear of losing his way or dieing by the cold or from somethign worse than death by cold. he finds the path alittle to the right and he walks over to it and he starts walking up it.he knew this journey could take days so he had come prepared.
as he reaches a split in the path he takes the path that will take him to the top of the mountain fast as it was he chose the right one but it had been blocked by a bunch of boulders. he focuses chakra into his arms and his fists and he walks toward the boulders and he puts chakra into his feet and he runs up the first boulder perfectly and he jumps up and over another boulder and kicks down on the last one which sends him back into teh air and back onto the path and he sighs as he finds a big cliff he had to climb up. he sighs again and thinks:"damn this is going to take longer than i thought....". he thinks for a few mins and decides to use his bloodline to do this. he focuses chakra into his palms and the chakra hardens into crystal kunai with razor sharp edges which he throws, utalizing the chakra into his hands, the crystal kunai into the cliff side and he jumps up and grabs one of them and it holds his weight so he starts climbing up the cliff on the kunai like steps and he eventualy reaches the toph had turned and grabbed the crystl kunai as he had come up so he has them all with him for future use. he slides them into the pocket with his other ninja equipment in it and continues walking along the trail. he sighs as he once again focuses chakra into his palms and when he hardens the chakra it becomes two twin crystal swords. one in each hand he walks on and slowy, as if he had all the time in the world, which in truth he did, he slid them into the straps on his back.as kobe trvels up the mountain trails he reflects on what he needs to do after this and he sighs. so much to do today. his whole day was basicaly boked when he got back. he was thinking that he wight just go and train the rest of the day and get himself ready for the chunnin exams. he sighs againas he keeps walking. he dsighs alot oviously and he doesnt really talk along. on the other hand he thinks so much that it almost overloads his brain.he was really good at stratigy or so he thought. he keep thinking and stairing off into space as he walked so much that he was pulled away from his thoughts by running into a cliff wall and realizes how cold it is not. he looks back the way he had came and realized that he had almost gotten tot he top. the cave should be somewere around here in this area. he walks around for about 3 hours and finaly finds a pretty large cave. he looks inside and walks down into the cave his right hand on one of his crystal swords his left hand was in his weapon pouch. he looked calm and like he really didnt care a bout much but he was actualy on the alert for anything that happens that could be a potential threat. he is looking aorund at the walls as he walks incase there is a signs or something on one of the walls. he eventualy comes to a large boulder and he decides to try something insead of leaving. he tries putting chakra into his arms and hands to make them stronger and as he does so he feels his mucles tightena nd he draws back his fist and slams it into the boulder which shatters into many peices. he smile to himself, oviously very pleased. he looks past the boulder and sees nothing so he continues on and sighs.eventualy he comes to a giant door with a big lock. kobe tries the door handle and finds that it is locked. he pulls out one of the crystal kunai slowly and he forms a senbon needle of crystal and he starts trying to pick the lock. eventualy he gives up and then he realized the door is wood. he could punch though it! he puts chakra into his right arm and hand and he draws back his fist. he sends the fist smashing throught eh door which splinters to peices and he sighs as he walks forward, through the smashed door and into the room beyond. he finds that he is in someones old study. oviously the person had died many years before from the smell and the look of the place. he sighs and thinks:"the scroll is probaly here somewere...". he sighs and walks around and looks aroundhe walks over to a shelf full of bookds and scrolls and he smiles. he looks through them and he finaly finds the big scroll. he grabs it and opens it up."wow..... this is it alright..."he says as he sighs and smiles again. he bites his thumb and he looks at the next open space. he looks atthe other names on it and he sighs."so these are the people who used to have this scroll...."he writes his name in blood in the next open space and he rolls the scroll back up".......time to go i guess" he looks back at the other 5 scrolls as he gets ready to leave.he then walks back over and grabs them and walks out off the room. he then runs back down the mountain and back to his village


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